The Direcção dos Serviços de Economia – Macao Economic Services (MES) is the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government's department responsible for assisting in drafting and implementing economic policies in the economic and intellectual property areas, as well as in other fields that it might be directed to do so by the legislation in force.



  1. Co-operate in the planning of economic policies and assist in the development of economic activities, in the ambit of the responsibilities ascribed by the MSAR Government;

  2. Issue licenses for industrial premises and organise and supervise an industrial registrar and keep it up-to-date;

  3. Issue licenses for, and supervise the operation of, petrol companies, shippers, warehouses, duty-free shops and other non-industrial enterprises whose licensing is, by law, the responsibility of MES;

  4. Issue licenses for foreign trade-related operations;

  5. Manage foreign trade operations under quota;

  6. Issue certification of origin documents, pursuant to the provisions of the legislation in force;

  7. Assist in the drafting and implementation of policies governing intellectual property;

  8. Implement the consumption tax regulations in force;

  9. Promote the development of convention and exhibition industry;

  10. Plan and co-ordinate the MSAR's participation and activities in both international and regional economic fora, as well as to ensure that commitments undertaken therein are fulfilled;

  11. Co-operate and assist in the duties referred to in subsection (9) above, even if the subjects in question, although of an economic nature, do not necessarily fall under its duties and obligations as directed by the MSAR Government;

  12. Supervise the full adherence to the legal precepts governing the manufacture of products in the MSAR, as well as not only the performance of economic activities and other operations subject to licensing, but also those of their relevant operators and companies;

  13. Control, pursuant to the provisions of the legislation in force, the carrying out of all other economic legislation provisions in force;

  14. Promote and maintain a balanced and non-discriminatory economic environment, and;

  15. Discharge any other duties and responsibilities under the legislation in force or by order of the Chief Executive.